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Why is Cyber London Conference is a must attend?

The Cyber London Conference  brings together government, companies, and organizations both from the private and public sectors on one platform. The agenda of the meet is to discuss and share the latest Cyber Security Solutions. One can explore the latest threats and challenges within the Cyber Security Sector.

Techniques of detecting cyber-attack before it infects the organization, and identifying a unified threat intelligence platform within the capabilities of the organization, is the prime purpose of the conference. The Cyber London Conference is the perfect opportunity to meet the entire information security community under one roof.


Key Highlights of the Cyber London Conference 2017

How to protect the business from the attack surface?

Cyber London Conference content fundamentally deals with Cyber-security, as a national agenda looping Governments and businesses. A major hack will cause devastation to a greater extent, to all entity involved. Thus, the main focus of the conference is to create new strategies for more secure and resilient cyber space.

Cyber-attacks are the new weapons of criminals, causing damage to IoT devices that connect basic gadgets to critical infrastructure including the power station. The Government of UK necessitates decisive action for protecting the economy and the privacy of citizens while encouraging IT industry activities by preventing damaging cyber-attacks. Often, the cost of the breach is very huge, the average Cyber-attacks cost more than £4.1m a year for UK firms, as per the study of HP Enterprise Security and the Ponemon Institute.

Cyber-attacks can hit any industry or location for a different purpose, one of the main reasons is to steal the customer information and destroy a specified organization data. The breach threats increasingly create challenges to those in charge of cyber security in the organization. The Organization must shield from cyber-attack with strong cyber security essentials that are ahead of the criminals and constantly upgraded for the protection. The strategy of Cyber London Conference is to respond to the attack surface with a strong security wall that protects the IT space and customize the protection as per the organization requirement.


Increase your Network in the IT Security Space:

Designed with the knowledge and insight of CTOs, Cyber Architects, CISOs, IT Head, Chief Security Officers, Technology Academics and Senior Cyber leaders from Cyber Security sector and Cybersecurity Solution organization the conference creates a networking opportunity at the IT Security space.

The Cyber London Conference connects the decision-makers and experts for a discussion on innovative and strong organization cyber security. The purpose is to create an ideal environment for managing existing and build new Cyber-security opportunities in the IT Space.

Cyber Risk Insights

The conference gives an acclaimed Cyber Risk Insight for critical privacy, network security and cyber insurance issues that confront the risk professionals and their organizations. The experts at the meet are professionals in network security, regulation, law enforcement, risk management and cyber risk insurance. The discussions at the conference are focused on managing risk in the rapidly evolving and increasingly dangerous threat landscape.

With a focus on the people behind the latest cyber incidents, the conference gives risk insight and covers issues that all the public company, private and non-profit sectors face. Designed explicitly for cyber-risk management and insurance needs the conference sessions addresses a wide range of topics to benefit the attendees.

The conference gives an opportunity to learn and understand from the network of CISOs, risk managers, CROs, cyber insurance, reinsurers and other risk professionals, on how to handle the present cyber threats at the global perspective. The Presentations by the experts are based on deep examination of business and regulatory environment that influence cyber risk management decisions within an organization.


General data protection regulation (GDPR)

The update on general data protection regulation (GDPR), that set to come into force from 2018, will apply to UK and EU firms at the country leaves.  Companies operating within the frame work of UK and EU necessitate critical data protection regulation with an extra precaution to ensure the safety of their data, or they are liable to pay a fine of 4% of global turnover.

GDPR compliance is a complex task for many firms, Understanding the difficulty Cyber London Conference attempts to decode the Cyber Security section of GDPR. Focusing on simplifying the new legislation the conference helps organizations to deal Cyber security in line with GDPR.  The sessions are aimed at providing a perception and create awareness to companies for setting right procedures in place to ensure the safety and accountability of valuable business IP.


Leadership Anticipation:

At the conference, the participants can deliver the latest content on cyber security to an expected audience of senior decision-makers. This will help in creating a strong relationship and partnership between the organizations for brand sharing. The Cyber London Conference gives a platform to the professionals for building and positioning latest IT space security.

The Cyber London Conference 2017, targets to assist the businesses to stay updated and ahead of Cyber attackers with insightful agenda and sessions on cyber security conference. The presentations are revived and confirmed by the experts of the conference to ensure the content authenticity.

The conference mainly focuses on how organizations self-defense mechanisms should be built against the threats. The idea is to address all the protection means for the customers, employees, and citizens.  One can capitalize on the conference for enhancing the day to day cyber security requirements, and understand the critical decision-making process through leading cyber security specialists.

Covering the strategic cyber security each session will be delivered by top level intelligence briefings unique opportunities and practices within the organization. The attendees will be provided with high-quality content emphasizing attack surface at the different level of work space. The conference gives a perceptive of global cyber security to the attendees by keeping them informed and savvier on protecting their organizations against the cyber threats. Thus, helping them to stay updated on the latest vulnerabilities, technologies, and defense and prevention strategies of cyber-attacks.


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